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Music and Dance School in Ciudadela 

Ciudadela,  Menorca

First Prize in Competition. 



The city has left in its growth a trace of green spaces accommodated in its interstices. We value these spaces as a refuge. We looked for the pedestrian continuity by building a half-buried piece whose cover becomes a new space for the city, a passage of connection. We built two elements of a greater height on the edges of the lot in order to recover the urban plot limiting a new gardened inner space, which the whole school can look into. 


With this drive we differentiated in our proposal two simple closing structures, with independent access, oriented towards the garden. And a level edifice, as a base that traverses  the lot taking advantage of the existing slope, leaving four interior gardens, as breathing space for the classrooms. This way it has natural light in a cool environment that is isolated from the exterior noise. 


The elevated volumes are built with the intention of freeing the lower level to the same elevation as the plaza, searching for its cleanliness as the access threshold, as a bridge from which the lower plants hang, leaving some porches in the shadow. Towards the city, the facades are built with prefabricated white concrete panels, leaving slanted gaps, like grooves  from stone quarries. Towards the interior garden a facade made of glass and lattices with fishing nets. All of these rooms open to the garden with palms and vines, the rhythm of blooming will accompany the functioning of the school all year round.



04. Music and Dance School in Ciudadela| Architectural and Conceptual Project | Client: Ayuntamiento de Ciudadela| Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón| Ciudadela, Menorca. 2010

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