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Our concept is to create a unique urban pattern through a series of “ice cubes” sliding in multiple directions in the urban coast, encapsulating in its interior a great public space. We recovered a previous ecosystem that would have naturally extended in this area, a natural park in the limit between the urban coast and the growing city, with the presence of native trees. Between real time governed by the seasons of the weather and unreal time inside the built cubes, a closed space covered in trees, bushes and plants with flowers grows in a different sequence, similar to a remarkable greenhouse that you can enjoy even during the winter.

In the limit between natural and artificial, we have an architecture with unique transparency, a wide space unusually narrow and a ceiling height unusually generous. In opposition to the traditional conception of a building that tries to pack their residents in cubicles, we offer “places with a view.” In the limit between the unreal (reflected) and the real (transparent), the walls become transparent or opaque with the change of natural light. Inside the peace and calm of this unique urban oasis, spectators are more conscious of the movement and activity happening in their surroundings. “Glass embodies visibility, inviting to the experience of an objective truth.” (Dan Graham)



23. Housing Complex in the Urban Coast | Idea Contest. Conceptual Project| Europan Contest 9| Authors: Luis Pancorbo, José de Villar, Inés Martín, Carlos Chacón| Tallin. Estonia. 2017


Housing Complex in the Urban Coast

Tallin. Estonia


Conjunto de Viviendas en Litoral Urbano 


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