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Refurbishment of Paseo Condesa and Book Stand Prototype

Downtown. Mexico City.


Built. Premio Nacional de Diseño, Diseña México 2020, Mejor Proyecto Mobiliario y Espacio Laboral/Profesional. Expuesto en el Museo Franz Mayer. 


As part of the effort of refurbishing public spaces in Mexico City by city authorites and the civil association RefleAcciona, a proposal to structure and improve Paseo Condesa was generated, an alley located between the Mining Palace Mining and the Post Office in downtown Mexico City. Without clear structuring, this space has been traditionally occupied by more than 80 vendors under the condition that the space had to be cleared out of any furniture and tarps every night. 


The current situation of the vendors, the physical condition of the property and the set-up and disassembly of the stands was studied. The analysis showed that each morning a crew sets up the irregular tarps that affect the urban image and whose knots damage the fences of the adjacent historical buildings, the crew also brings the boxes of books from almost all vendors from a warehouse a couple of blocks away.


Our proposal attempted to solve both issues: 1. Set up a permanent, removable cover, minimally invasive, respectful to the context and celebrating the buildings around it; 2. Produce a high resistance module that allows to transport the books in a practical way and facilitates the structuring of the vendors, avoiding invasion of green and alternate spaces.




80. Refurbishment of Paseo Condesa and Book Stand Prototype | Conceptual and Architectonic Project. Executive Project. | Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de México, CDMX / Refleacciona con Responsabilidad A. C.| Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón | Construction: Bruno Jarhani, Tecnósfera y Álvaro Ordáz, Talleres Ordaz. | Collaborators: Alejandro Cuevas (Architect) | Photography: Jaime Navarro | Centro Histórico. Ciudad de México. 2017-2020.

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