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Exhibition “Urban Redensification”

Mexico City, Mexico

REUR. Exhibition “Urban Redensification”

Mexico City, Mexico


The exhibition “Urban Redensification” shows 32 prototypes of vertical housing over a light frame of arranged wood, horizontally and vertically, simulating the mold for poured concrete , that symbolizes construction in its full process, of more compact and habitable cities. 


We present the study developed by the CIDS as tangible and dynamic. The assembly shows the research process of the use of the lot for one house into vertical development and multiple dwellings in better located locations. Models, sketches, blueprints, sections and perspectives are shown like boards in the process of an assembled wooden mold to generate a central wall. The legs and base of the furniture are formed with rebar, adding value to the project promoting real-world potential for the proposed buildings. 


By showing graphic content as well as dispersed elements nailed/screwed to the vertical screens it shows that the design process is not monolithic, but a series of studies that can advance or even go backwards or sideways in search of a coherent vision. The importance of the process, the work and the meditation on the product can be as disperse and variant as the variety of explored solutions, a heap of references that always go back to the tactile value of a finished construction site. 



95. Exhibition “Urban Redensification” | Curatory, Design and Installation| Client: CIDS, Infonavit | Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón, Alejandro Cuevas, Gonzalo Orozco| Photography: Jaime Navarro| Mexico City, Mexico. 2018

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