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Congress Center and Auditorium “Vegas Altas” in Villanueva de la Serena, Extremadura.

First Prize in Competition. Built. 



The "Vegas Altas" Congress Centre grows in an ambiguous peripheral location, in a land that is both an urban and an agricultural boundary. A free-standing cube wrapped in a woven web of ropes is the only building perceived above ground, appropriate for both the representative visibility required and also to absorb the large volume needed for a stage box. This field formed of strips of vegetation and its surface ripped with skylights gives a public green space to the town with a green cover over most of the program and exhibition halls. 

The entrance hall is a polyvalent space in fluid connection with the outside. Its layout can be used for multiple purposes, such as temporary exhibition hall. The entire tour around the exhibition space is accompanied by a white, tense and warped mirror sheet of fiberglass and silicone, which extends the space reflecting an unreal environment. Auditoriums are made with green coloured polycarbonate that by the effect of indirect lighting becomes a water world without a precise dimension. There is a material ambiguity in the general configuration of the building, in the tone of the concrete that is the same of the surrounding land, in the colours of vegetation transferred to the threads that make up the ropes of the facades and the watery nature of the interior finishes. A fluctuating atmosphere is perceived where spaces change its character from daylight to night, changing from east to west, from natural to artificial.



07. Congress Center and Auditorium “Vegas Altas” | Architectonic and Conceptual Project  Executive Project. Supervision of Construction site  |  Client: Consejería de Cultura. Junta de Extremadura | Authors: Luis Pancorbo, José de Villar, Carlos Chacón, Inés Martín | Collaborators: Manuel Trenado, José Luis López (Construction Site Leader) Úrculo Ingenieros (Installation Engineering) Mecanismo (Structure Engineering) Higini Arau (Acoustic Engineering) Placonsa (Construction company) | Photography: Roland Halbe, Jesús Granada, Ignacio Bisbal (model) | Villanueva de la Serena,  Badajoz. 2008-2014

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