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indoor/Outdoor Playground in the Metropolitan Stadium

Madrid.Community of Madrid



We extract some phrases used in the presentation of our proposal (lets imagine the images that accompanied it) : Walk The Line | The Street is Universal | Soccer is Universal | The Activity Draws the City | The City is the Best Stadium | When Soccer is lived with Identity, Spirit and Struggle | The Wall of the City become a Manifesto | A Soccer ball is Dressed in Contemporaneity | Atletico Madrid’s Playground will Tattoo the Urban Space | And We Search the Identity of our Footprint so that It Remains in Our Memory | The Grounds of the City are its Flag | Soccer is Everywhere | The Sport is Urban | Soccer becomes Participant of Our Lives, Our City | The Game Draws our City and Gives Emotion to the Inert | Regenerating the City through Activity | Transforming the Game in an Erasable Way Paint the Night with a Laser | Soccer is Metallic, Strong and Long Lasting | The Sketch of the Playground a Contemporary Footprint.



68. Indoor/outdoor Playground in the Metropolitan Stadium | Private Contest. Conceptual Project| Client: Atlético de Madrid | Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón | Collaborators: Andrés Juste,  Natalia Martínez (Arquitect) | Madrid,  Community of Madrid. 2016

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