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Kinder Park in Mexicali. Strategic Urban Projects. 

Mexicali Baja California Mexico.

First Prize in Competition. Built.


The Kinder park project was awarded with the first prize in design competition for the urban-architectural concepts for strategic urban projects belonging to the neighborhood plan of the Housing Development “Valle de Puebla ” in Mexicali, Baja California.

The proposal consolidates the trace of the footprints left by the surrounding citizen activity, showing then the natural paths of the surrounding inhabitants, and materializing it in a dynamic interlacing strategy (such as the strokes on the floor that draw the rings that define the park’s activities), that embrace spaces of different scale and condition, which draw closed geometries that are built like sidewalks. This circles hold inside playground structures and modules, able to activate the neighborhood program, enhancing and creating the conditions needed to generate new social relationships.

The contact area between the rings in the center of the proposal, extends the adjacent streets promoting a continuity of their urban activity protected by the shade of pergolas and trees. This cooler area equipped with stands, becomes a place of social interaction for the neighborhood and will allow different occupations by the residents throughout the week. Every item, bench strips and gaming devices (sports field, grandstand and pergola, scalable pyramid with slides, games of cubes, bougainvillea maze, multipurpose ring for children) become involved with the bold and intense color of the proposal and execution, managing to contrast with the gray and degraded environment, being able to provide the necessary hierarchy to encourage public activity in this space on the periphery of the city, that had a lack of actual use, and on the other hand willing to mingle its identity to the one of the inhabitants, granting a communal benefit.



71. Kinder Park in Mexicali. Strategic Urban Projects  | Conceptual and Architectonic Project. Executive Project. Construction Site Supervisi | Client: Fundación Hogares, Infonavit | Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón | Collaborators: Alejandro Cuevas (Architect) José Madrid (Installation Engineering), Verónica Correa (Kaltia, Structure Engineering), José Roldan (Technical Architect Measures and Budget)| Photography: Lorena Darquea | Mexicali. Baja California. 2016-19

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