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Wooven Sauna in Garden 

Cartagena. Murcia



The design for a wooden sauna at a private residential pool, seeks to camouflage itself through a swarm of strings that hide its true nature and blends the sauna cube into the garden’s nature. This project within a project shows our interest in turning our work into a balance on a line of continuous research. The facade of capes used in a recent project at a bigger scale, in the Congress Center and Auditorium of Villanueva de la Serena, where we built a cube of 20m high by 20m wide covered with ropes, is transformed here into a smaller, but also more complex piece. The set of 19 independent tapestry frames, independent in proportion and configuration, offers the possibility to our client of placing them as independent pieces of an art collection. At the same time together, they become a skin that, like nature, balances the individuality of each design with the uniformity of the whole, as each leaf of a plant forms a set in which each individual is unique.



66. Wooven Sauna in Garden | Conceptual and Architectonic Project. Executive Project. Construction Site Supervision | Client: Familia Hermann| Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón| Landscaping: Carmen Criado| Collaborators: Natalia Martínez (Architect)| Photography: David Frutos| Cartagena. Murcia. 2017

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