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Building of 168 Homes “Ampliación de Aguas Vivas”

Guadalajara. Castilla la Mancha.

First Prize in Competition.



The starting point of our proposal comes from the idea of carrying out the urbanistic approach starting from the characterization of the open spaces rather than the buildings, creating a landscape that works as a base for the correct organization of the complex. We avoided the movement of land, slopes, or ground defects, trying to leave the ground as virgin as possible. We proposed and organization of open blocks, working as huge “fences”, with pixelated facades and a vegetable cover (in the terraces), that camouflages with the vegetation of the gardens. 


We created a continuous green area, “houses in a park”, orienting their facades in the north-south direction, opening the common spaces to the views, and staggering to adapt to the levels of the natural land.


Buildings of double orientation and cross ventilation, with solar protection filters on the south (garden terraces with canopies and herbaceous vines of different colors), recycling of sewage water for watering, solar energy, vegetation of autochthonous species and an improvement to the pedestrian and bike lanes, avoiding vehicles to the maximum.

We respected the norm, but diluted its real mark on the land, giving room to a group of adjacent spaces, proposing an alternative to the current suburban developments.



03. Building of 168 Homes and Shops “Ampliación de Aguas Vivas”|Conceptual and Architectonic Project. Executive Project| Client: SEPES, Ministerio de Vivienda| Authors: Luis Pancorbo, Inés Martín, José de Villar| Collaborators: Acha y Blanco Ingenieros (Installation Engineering) MECANISMO (Structure Engineering) AC TELECOM (Telecommunication Engineering)| Guadalajara, Castilla la Mancha. 2006

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