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Exhibition “ From the Territory to the Habitant”

Mexico City, Mexico

TEHA. Exhibition “ From the Territory to the Habitant”

Mexico City, Mexico


“From the Territory to the Habitant” is a feast of proposals of rural housing projects and self-production that emphasizes the diversity of traditions and methods of building in contemporary Mexico. 


An abundant collection of 84 proposals where every curious mind can binge on information. Starting from the premise of the feast we seat the visitor who will be able to enjoy heterogenous content from this massive investigation in a  large communal piece.


The exhibition is organized in two main blocks. First, the synthesis which is composed of six tables with benches where the information from the contest is presented categorized in comparison, in the form of a patterned tablecloth. The second, content  that has a long table where the information is displayed by each of the participants in an ordered manner in a great continuous tablecloth where the models are displayed one next to each other, on the same scale, showing a great ample panoramic. 



59. Exhibition “From the Territory to the Habitant” | Curatorial, Design and Installation | Client: CIDS, Infonavit | Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón, Lucia Martín, Alejandro Cuevas | Graphic Design: Diego Beauroyre, Maira Fragoso | Photography: Jaime Navarro| Mexico City, Mexico. 2018

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