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CUCA. (Doubles) Housing Towers

Culiacán. Mexico


This project is part of the “Urban Redensification” research program that proposes new vertical housing configurations on the basis of reusing the designated lot for a one-family home. 

In a parallel interpretation of the work of François Brunelle which was dedicated to the photography of doubles apparently twins from all over the world, our proposal intends to unite two towers, almost twins, apparently identical. In these three-level buildings we provide a composite living space of two compact, multifunctional rooms of 36 square meters, or divide it into two equal living spaces. Custom furniture is added to this deployment conciliator; a pivoting mobile partition wall in the center of the room that regulates all the activities that could occur in the living space. 

We optimized the space dedicated to the stairs by criss-crossing the access to each level of the tower. This configuration of the two towers allows us to have more height per floor. We obtained generous space between both towers that facilitates cross ventilation and more natural light. 



57. (Doubles) Housing Towers | Architectonic and Executive Project | Client: CIDS (Center of Investigation for Sustainable Development). Infonavit| Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón| Collaborators: Alejandro Cuevas (Arquitect), José Madrid (Installation Engineer), Verónica Correa (Kaltia, Structure Engineer), Gerardo Calero (Cost Engineer) | Photography: Jaime Navarro| Culiacán. Mexico. 2017


(Doubles) Housing Towers

Culiacán. Mexico

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