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 Linear Park Lomas de Sotelo 

Municipality Miguel hidalgo. CDMX

First Prize in private competition.   


Our proposal establishes a pedestrian connection throughout the entire linear park, 800 meters long, that allows to convert it into a main transit axis of intensive use, through extensive areas of variable dimension, rich in the diversity of its local conditions. 

A continuous route on which we place pieces with different programs belonging  to a catalog of urban “botany” of artifacts designed in continuous dialogue with the study of the pre existing vegetation. The surprise in the variation is enticing but in order to rebuild the urban space it’s necessary to combine the configurations of each of the pieces of our urban pattern with a common blueprint where the entirety appears represented. It’s a way of drawing in two scales of thinking, fragmented and united at the same time. One focusing on the design of the different uses of the program, and the other on the connection inside a global urban context.

The Congo river on the border of the northern and southern hemisphere takes water from the rainy season of both hemispheres keeping the volume of water abundant and constant. The serpentine interior road that we drew also comes in contact with both sides north and south of the avenue Lomas de Sotelo, equally on both sides looking for the proximity of the homes and the maximum influx of neighbors. All the susceptible elements of belonging to the “botany” catalog of urban forms area are arranged in the route characterizing the place where they are deposited obeying the particular needs of the users. 


44. Linear Park Lomas de Sotelo | Master Plan. Conceptual and Architectonic Project. Executive Project | Client: Municipality Miguel hidalgo. CDMX| Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón | Collaborators:  Alejandro Cuevas, Natalia Martínez (Architect), Verónica Correa (Kaltia, Structure Engineering),  José Madrid (Installation Engineering), José Roldán (Technical Architect Measures and Budget) Edgar Ojeda (forestall engineer)| CDMX,  México.  2016-2018.

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