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Six Single Family Housing Units

Cartagena,  Murcia


First Mention XVI Architecture Awards of the Murcia Region

Our intention was to maintain the balance between the needs of the future inhabitants, the potential of the site and the program for a second dwelling. The projected solution is organized in a set of six isolated single family housing units respecting the limit of the restrictions established by the norm and opting to construct two floors plus a basement.

We divided each home into three volumes searching for the adequate balance between them. This differentiation favors a higher adaptation to the slope of the land. The connections between them are glass-enclosed and protected by a wooden lattice, that will favor an unclear interpretation of what the interior or exterior is when you walk from one place to another.

Each volume houses a differentiated room; on the ground floor areas of the day, and on the top floor, nocturnal ones. The stairs are very light elements to favor cross views. A fourth room, the swimming pool, singles out each house, by rotating and adapting to each parcel of land in search of the most sunlit exposition. Between the pieces, several patios are interspersed that give light to the basement that will remain incorporated into the architectural statement as another floor, of equal importance. The house opens up to these patios, to these intermediate places looking for intimacy, shadow, ventilation and leaving tall white dividing walls that give their back to the next door neighbors.


01. Six single family housing units in La Manga Club | Master Plan. Conceptual and Architectonic Project. Executive Project. Construction Site Supervision | Client: Bellavista la Manga Club S.L | Authors: José de Villar, Carlos Chacón | Collaborators: Acha y Blanco Ingenieros S.A.L. (Installation Engineering), Juan Rey, Pablo Vegas, Mecanismo (Structure Engineering), Carmen Criado (Landscaping), Juan Isidro Ros, Mercedes Herrera (Technical Architect), Juan Antonio Bernal (Technical Architect Coordinator of Health and Security) , Antonio Marsal, Juan Manuel Alcalde (Technical Architect Measures and Budget) | Photography: David Frutos | Cartagena,  Murcia. 2009.

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